There are plenty of reasons. Here are some of the top ones - You'll make a profit on the installation, it generates awareness for your business, it brings a potential customer in your store, you can upsell additional products, and if you do it properly, you'll create a repeat customer that comes back to your store in the future!
No. Three installers will be offered the install. The first to accept will be awarded the install. If you don't want a particular install for any reason, simply don't accept it.
If you are receiving an email newsletter from us, you are already installed. To sign up, please fill out this form.
Our rates are based off of a $100 per hour install fee. At the time an install opportunity is forwarded to you, it will include what you would be paid for the install.
Once you complete the install, go to the Connect2Install.com web site, and input the customer satisfaction number that will be provided to you by the consumer. Once this number is entered, you will automatically be paid by Connect2Install.
There is no time limit, but the first of the three installers that accepts the offer will be awarded the install.
Please check out the Agreements Page to see your commitments.
You can be removed at any time. Simply email your request to be removed to installs@connect2install.com.